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The authorization of this visa will be granted by the Interior Justice and Peace Ministry, subject to the consent of the Ministry of Labor. The requirements which the applicants must meet in the country will be established by the aforementioned ministries.

Exceptions: Artists, foreign press correspondents and sporting activity professionals engaged in profit-making activities are exempt, and their representatives in Venezuela must obtain the authorization of the Interior Justice and Peace Ministry only, which will establish the conditions for the visa and the duration period.

This visa is granted for one (1) year with multiple entries. The Ministry of Interior, Justice and Peace may extend it., if the Labor Ministry of Venezuela previously ratifies the work authorization.


• Valid passport with an expiry date of no less than six (6) months.
• Fill out visa request form.
• Document proving residency in Japan.
• Two color photographs, with white background size 3×4 cms.(passport size)
• Medical report.
• Criminal record check
• The applicant must provide proof of professional credentials (academic qualifications, certificates of professional experience, etc.).
• In order to request this type of visa the presence of the applicant is mandatory.
• Payment of the consular fee USD 60.00, equivalent in yen.

Note: The spouse, children under eighteen (18) years of age, parents and parents in law of the working visa holder who enter the country to live in the same household as the applicant will be granted a family visa (TR-F).

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