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This will be granted to people or representatives of businesses who demonstrate, through a credible document, that they have established contacts and that the investment has been accepted by the corresponding official organizations in Venezuela. The Investor’s Visa will be granted for duration of three (3) years, allowing multiple entries, without a limit of permanence. Once that period has expired, the party in question will be able to request an extension of up to two (2) years, and once expired this second extension, he/she will be able to request permanent resident status, pending the successful meeting of requirements established by the Interior Justice and Peace Ministry. If and when the partner, children under the age of 18, parents and step-parents of the bearer of the Investor’s Visa relocate to the country in order to settle with him/her, they will be granted the Family Visa (TR-F).


  • • Valid passport with an expiry date of no less than six (6) months.
  • • Document proving residence in Japan.
  • • Fill out visa request form.
  • • Two color photographs, with white background size 3×4 cms.(passport size)
  • • Presentation of documents proving that contacts have been established in Venezuela and that the investment has been accepted by the corresponding official organization in Venezuela ( Foreign Investment Supervision Bureau SIEX)
  • • Bank statements proving the solvency of the investor
  • • Criminal record check
  • • General health certificate
  • • Payment of the consular fee USD 60.00 equivalent in yen.
  • • In order to request this type of visa the presence of the applicant is mandatory.
  • •  If you are an citizen of the United States, please be advised that you will need to start the visa application process at least one month prior to your departure. In order to do so, you will need to fill up the ‘Application Form for United States Citizens‘ (Planilla para ciudadanos estadounidenses).

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